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Vitamins to Gain Weight: How They Help

Best Vitamins To Gain Weight

Vitamins assist in boosting the immune system of our body and in resisting the different diseases that our body is susceptible to. Vitamins are micro-minerals required by the body to carry out day-to-day functions.

When you eat more foods rich in calories, chances are you tend to gain weight. But, by including certain vitamins and minerals in the diet, you are likely to gain more weight.

In the below blog, we will discuss the various Vitamins to Gain Weight, how they help us to gain weight, and their sources.

Vitamins and their Types:

1) Vitamin C

In addition to helping boost the immune system, and keep us fit, this vitamin helps to absorb iron content in the body and regulate cortisol levels, which in turn reduces stress levels.

2) Vitamin B12

The B-group vitamins represent a group of eight type of vitamins that are water-soluble, and responsible for different metabolic processes.

1) B1 (thiamine)

2) B2 (riboflavin)

3) B3 (niacin)

4) B5 (pantothenic acid)

5) B6

6) B7 (biotin)

7) B12

8) Folic acid

B vitamins, specifically vitamin B12 are very helpful in gaining weight. They help convert food into energy.

One study revealed that consumption of this vitamin led to an increase in the appetite of a patient, who experienced weight loss and was anemic. The patient later gained weight.

3) Vitamin D

They primarily help with weight gain, by boosting the density and mass of the bones. Bones that are healthy and strong will weigh more than weak bones, and this will lead to better health and gain in weight.

4) Folate

Although folate or folic acid may not lead to increased weight, folate deficiency can contribute to undesired weight loss. Folate enhances our energy level and leads to a greater appetite. This may show, that not having enough folate in the body may make you feel tired.

What Makes Our Body Gain Too Much Weight:

Many reasons can be attributed to weight gain. If the body output is less than the input, i.e. if we eat more food than what is recommended, then we are likely to gain weight. Below are some factors leading to weight gain.

1) Junk foods

Nowadays, junk foods or processed foods are in fashion, and are available easily and affordably. These foods have a long shelf life, and by giving these foods a unique taste, these foods appeal to nearly all types of people.

Potato chips processed pastries, and diet soda are some examples of fast food that can be avoided.

2) Genetics

Kids whose parents are obese are likely to be more obese than kids whose parents are normal.

According to World Health Organization data, World adult obesity has increased by more than two times since 1990, and adolescent obesity has increased by four times.

3) Environment and our Surroundings

When healthy foods are not available to people and people do not have access to outdoor activity like a park nearby, then such people are likely to gain more weight.

Vitamins to Gain Weight: How They Help

1) B Vitamins

These vitamins have an important role in sustaining the body weight.

B-1, B-2, B-3, B-5, B-6, B-12, biotin, and folate are the various types of B vitamins. These vitamins help in gaining weight quickly.

Bananas, grapes, watermelon, apples, barley, spinach, dairy products, eggs, and lean meat, are foods rich in vitamin B.

B-12 is sourced from animal-based foods only. So, people taking vegetarian diets may have to take dairy products, fortified cereals, etc. Else, multivitamins rich in B-12 may be taken to gain weight.

2) Vitamin A

As per studies, vitamin A boosts and safeguards cell development in the body. This vitamin is generally found in animal foods as fish and meat.

3) Vitamin C

Known as a super vitamin due to its many benefits. The main function is to boost the immunity of the body and to keep us healthy. It helps in the increase of iron content.

Bananas, papaya, custard apples, dates, and figs are some examples of fruits rich in vitamin C.

4) Vitamin D

Mainly responsible for bone growth. Absorption of calcium and proper metabolism of the body are the two functions that work in parallel mode.

Foods For Weight Gain

1) Milk

Rich in calcium, proteins, vitamins, and fats, this is a complete food that helps gain weight quickly. It is vital for the bone growth and development.

Two glasses of milk per day before or after a meal is ideal.

2) Rice

It is a cheap source of carbohydrates, vital for gain in weight. One cup of rice provides about 200 calories of energy to gain weight.

Rice can be taken with vegetables or curry that are rich in proteins.

2) Dried Fruits

Containing antioxidants, proteins, calories, and micro-nutrients, these are also known as super-foods. These are rich in natural high sugar, and they are therefore beneficial for weight gain. Handfuls of dried fruits such as walnuts, almonds, and cashews are best for weight gain.

3) Homemade Smoothies

Such beverages made at home are better than the ready-made protein drinks available in the market. A banana shake or hazelnut shake drunk after a workout is very effective in helping build the muscles.

Chocolate banana nut shake, chocolate hazelnut shake, and vanilla berry shake are some common healthy homemade smoothies that help to increase weight.


To maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle, consumption of vitamins is essential to increase weight. But, you need to be selective in choosing the vitamins and can seek the help of a doctor to know more about the vitamins that may suit you the most.

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