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7-day diet plan for weight loss

7-day diet plan for weight loss

Nowadays, many people talk about weight loss, but many factors influence an ideal diet plan for weight loss. The diet plan can be different for males and females, due to their calories intake. A 7-day diet plan for weight loss will be the shortest diet plan to lose weight and can benefit people who have a very busy schedule. The person may feel satisfied and full of energy while taking in fewer calories to lose
1–2 pounds (0.5-0.9 kg) in a week.

In this blog, we are going to explain the diet plan for a week to lose weight. The guidelines to follow, precautions to be taken, and the foods to be taken for weight loss.

Is the 7-Day Diet Plan for Weight Loss Effective?

The seven-day diet plan is surely effective to help in losing weight. As experts recommend, losing around 1–2 pounds (0.5-0.9 kg) in a week can be achieved, but losing 1 pound (0.5 kg) per day means you have to restrict and monitor the food you take.

Given below are the reasons why the Seven-Day diet plan may be effective for weight loss:

1) The diet is fiber-rich, and fiber gets easily digested and absorbed in the body.

2) The diet restricts the intake of calories to nearly 1000 calories per day.

3) Processed foods are avoided in the diet. Processed foods are unhealthy foods that have more calories and are low in nutrients. Thus, the diet helps in weight loss and improves overall health.

7-Day Diet Plan for Helps in Losing Weight:

Now we will elaborate in detail the day-wise diet plan. Before starting on the diet plan, discuss with a health care expert or dietitian.

A good diet plan should include different food items for each day. The plan includes healthy foods rich in fiber, and low in calories, providing a balanced diet for weight loss. Each day will definitely bring you closer to your goal of losing weight.

1) Day One Diet for Weight Loss:

a) Breakfast

  • Start your day with an apple. As it said, ‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away’. Fruits included can also be berries, citrus fruits, and bananas.
  • One medium-sized apple, and later one serving of Baked Banana – Nut Oatmeal Cup is a healthy breakfast providing approximately 271 calories.

b) Lunch

  • Take one light serving of veg salads with Hummus Sandwich. Hummus is a paste and can be prepared by mixing beans, tahini and lemon. This serving will give you around 325 calories.
  • Later in the evening, one plum (30 calories) can be taken.

c) Dinner

  • One serving of black bean tacos and roasted vegetables can be enjoyed. This will give you about 343 calories.
  • If you prefer non-veg, then half-cup cooked brown rice with sheet-pan chicken will give you 468 calories.

2) Day Two Diet for Weight Loss:

a) Breakfast

On the second day of the diet plan, the breakfast will include One serving of Strawberry – Banana Green Smoothie. This can be taken in the morning, which is equal to 318 calories.

b) Lunch

For lunch, one serving of Chipotle-Lime Cauliflower Taco Bowls will give you 344 calories. Later in the evening, you can have one clementine (a sweet orange), which is approximately 35 calories.

c) Dinner

For dinner, one serving of Zucchini-Chickpea Veggie Burgers with Tahini-Ranch Sauce providing 373 calories will be the last diet for the second day.

3) Day Three Diet for Weight Loss:

a) Breakfast

In the morning, One serving of avocado toast will give you enough energy, which is around 230 calories. You can also take one glass of orange juice, which will provide vitamin C and fiber to the body.

b) Lunch

Greek salad with edamame beans will give you 343 calories. As beans are a rich source of proteins, so this diet will replenish you the proteins required by the body.

c) Dinner

The third day’s dinner will end with Two servings of Kale Salad with Beets and Wild Rice. Wild rice has low calories and high fiber content.

4) Day Four Diet for Weight Loss:

a) Breakfast

One cup of plain nonfat Greek yogurt will provide you with 13 gm of protein. One cup of sliced cucumber will give you vitamin C for the day.

b) Lunch

One serving of Green Salad with Pita Bread & Hummus gives you around 455 calories. This food is rich in plant-based protein and is a source of energy for exercises and heavy day-to-day work.

c) Dinner

One serving of Spaghetti Squash with Roasted Tomatoes, Beans & Almond Pesto is equal to 400 calories and is the last diet for day four.

5) Day Five Diet for Weight Loss:

a) Breakfast

The day will start with One serving of Muesli with Raspberries, and half-ounce (14 gm) Cheddar cheese for breakfast. This food will give 287 calories.

b) Lunch

Slow-Cooker Creamy Lentil Soup, giving 320 calories and is rich in proteins is essential for building and maintaining the muscles, bones in the body.

c) Dinner

The dinner with end with one serving of Spinach Ravioli with Artichokes & Olives, giving you nearly 454 calories.

6) Day Six Diet for Weight Loss:

a) Breakfast

Morning breakfast can begin with Avocado salsa and a glass of apple juice. Apple juice helps in burning the excess fat in the body.

b) Lunch

Vegan Spinach And Sun-Dried Tomato Pasta is very tasty and is full of protein. One cup (54 gm) of sun-dried tomatoes contains nearly 7.6 gm of proteins.

c) Dinner

Spaghetti Squash with Roasted Tomatoes, Beans & Almond Pesto is the last meal for the sixth day.

7) Day Seven Diet for Weight Loss:

a) Breakfast

Chia seeds and one cup of oats containing approximately 6 gm of proteins give good nutritional value throughout the day.

b) Lunch

One bowl (50 gm) of brown rice is ideal lunch to keep you out of hunger for the day.

c) Dinner

One serving of Squash & Red Lentil Curry will end the seventh-day diet.

Foods to Avoid for Weight Loss Diet Plan

1) Baked foods

Pastries, cookies and items made of gram flour, refined flour lack essential nutrients and lead to extra calories.

2) Sugar drinks

Avoid taking drinks such as Pepsi and colas. They contain added sugars and provide zero calories.

3) Processed foods

Ready-to-eat meals, and packaged foods such as chips, contain more amount of salt, unhealthy fats, and additives. They should be avoided and if taken may reduce the weight loss efforts.


Although people may have many doubts about this 7-day diet plan for wight loss, the plan has many advantages and can bring about a change in a person’s attitude and way of thinking.

By sticking to a calorie-specific diet, and consuming healthy nutrient-rich food, the plan helps you to lose weight within a short time period.

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