Terms And Conditions

Welcome to medixway.com, there are some terms and conditions that you have to follow before you use our website.

Use of website:

First, you have to create an account with your requested information so that you can view, use, and order the available products on our site. It is strictly prohibited and against the law of any other use except for personal and noncommercial use. If doing so, strict legal action will be taken.

Security aspects:

Our Medixway website is SSL-protected with end-to-end encryption so that your data will be safe and secure data are saved in our database server and only customers can access it. 

Medicine availability and purchase:

Medicines from Medixway are assumed to be ordered only after your doctor’s consultation. The machine will update the availability and stock of the product. If you face out-of-stock issues we do our best to restock that product and notify the customer about the availability via the email that you are provided during account creation.

Price and other charges:

We deliver medicines across different cities in the USA, so it may involve custom charges by authorized charges. If you are charged by customs, Medixway will notify you of the amount that you have to pay. The prices of the products vary according, to the market demand and supply graph rate. So, we don’t guarantee that the price of the same product will remain the same. Remember that, Medixway is not responsible for the charges made by custom.

Shipping and refund policy 

To deliver our products, we utilize third-party services. So, you should provide the current and correct information, and address so that we can share the exact details with them. According to the items, the shipping charge will be charged which mainly depends on the weight and distance to the destination.

If you found any mentioned issue with your product and want to return the product, then you can apply a request for a refund as per the mentioned procedure in our policy. Then we start our process for an immediate refund after getting the request from you. You will get your refund in 3-7 days.


You are restricted from spreading anything illegal, trolling, abusive, or hateful.


Although this website is fully permitted by law and protected by major virtual security, it doesn’t claim 100% protection against viruses or any vicious codes.

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